Stephen F. Austin State University

About Us

Through its courses and co-curricular activities, the Department of English:

  1. Develops students' practical skills in reading, writing, and reasoning, and research skills in traditional print as well as electronic sources;
  2. Enables students to think critically and analytically, and to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts;
  3. Promotes students' understanding of literary and cultural history;
  4. Empowers students to understand and write about texts, as well as produce original texts; and
  5. Trains students to apply the skills they have learned in the discipline to a variety of situations.

Courses in the Department of English:

  1. Encourage students to think about the nature of English studies as a discipline, leading to a variety of professional opportunities, and about the field's various critical and pedagogical strategies; and
  2. Instill an awareness of English studies as a diverse and dynamic field which includes writing, linguistics, literature in translation, and culturally diverse texts in World, British, and American literature.