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Composition Program

English Composition Program at SFA

First-year composition courses are some of the first courses that students take at SFA. These courses help students develop critical thinking skills and become better readers and more sophisticated writers.

English 131 is the first semester course in the First-year Composition series. English 131 consists of the study and application of writing skills and the writing process with a focus on analytical reading and writing. Essay assignments address rhetorical analysis, evaluation, close readings of texts, and other types of critical responses.

English 132 is the second semester course in the First-year Composition series. English 132 offers continued study and application of academic writing with a focus on the forms of argument and on research methods.

English 133H is an Honors course that covers all of the skills taught in 131 and 132 but in one semester. English 133H provides students intensive study and practice in analytic reading and writing, argument, and research methods.

Program Mission

  1. To develop students' skills in critical reading, analysis, writing, and research for a variety of purposes and audiences across academic disciplines.
  2. To model professionalism and best practices in the classroom, in academic writing, and in written communication in general.

Program Director

Dr. Courtney Wooten - Program Director Office: LAN 263 Phone: 936.468.2079
Fax: 936.468.2614
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