Stephen F. Austin State University

Organizational Plan

The Executive Committee

Role and Scope

The Executive Committee is a body elected from the English faculty to advise the chair of English on Departmental matters.


The duties of the Executive Committee shall include but not be limited to:


The Executive Committee shall be composed of 5 faculty members:

Faculty members with one year of service at the time of taking office shall be eligible to serve on the Executive Committee.

Coordinators are not eligible to serve on the Executive Committee.


The members of the Executive Committee shall be chosen as follows:


Members of the Executive Committee will hold 3-year non-consecutive terms:


Job Description

Coordinators in the Department of English support the duties of the chair as specified in University Policy E-10A and report to the chair.


Coordinators shall be appointed in a three-step process.

  1. The Executive Committee shall present recommendations to the Chair.
  2. The Chair shall appoint coordinators at his or her own discretion, with a rationale presented to the faculty.
  3. The Chair shall present the choice of coordinators to the full faculty.

Terms of Office

Each coordinator shall serve a term specified by the chair.


Administrative Coordinator
  1. Assist on reports due to in-department and out-of-department entities.
  2. Oversee ballot elections held out of meetings.
  3. Work with statistical information for department.
  4. Help set up department committees such as search committees.
  5. Designate minute taker for faculty meetings.
  6. Assist chair in any other appropriate department projects.
Undergraduate Coordinator
  1. Set up and administer an undergraduate advising process.
  2. Refer complaints from students in 200, 300, and 400 level classes to the appropriate faculty member, confer with Chair and refer to Chair if necessary.
  3. Oversee Convocation, Showcase Saturday, and other undergraduate recruiting programs.
  4. Help process 495 literature requests.
  5. Discuss with Chair any requested substitutions on the degree plans of literature majors and minors.
  6. Do undergraduate degree plans and keep files.
  7. Confer with chair on undergraduate literature course offerings.
  8. Confer with Scholarship Chairman on undergraduate literature scholarships.
  9. Assist chair in any other undergraduate literature projects or problems.
Graduate Coordinator
  1. Do all graduate degree plans; discuss exceptions with Chair.
  2. Review all applications for admission to program and discuss with Chair.
  3. Review all graduate teaching assistant applications and discuss with Chair.
  4. Assist in graduate advising.
  5. Work on recruiting for graduate program, especially out-of-state recruiting.
  6. Set up and administer comprehensive examinations.
  7. Give input to Chair on scheduling graduate classes.
  8. Handle all graduate student complaints.
  9. Process 595 requests.
  10. Advise and direct M.A. students in English, in consultation with the Department Chair.
  11. Assist chair in any other graduate projects or problems.
Coordinator for Freshman Writing
  1. Teach 580 or recommend instructor.
  2. Supervise training of graduate teaching assistants.
  3. Supervise work of graduate teaching assistants and keep Chair advised.
  4. Handle all freshman writing complaints.
  5. Maintain files and resources in freshman work area.
  6. Oversee uniformity but not lockstep in syllabi and policy statements.
  7. Discuss all problems with adjuncts or graduate teaching assistants with Chair.
  8. Observe freshman classes when necessary.
  9. Go over freshman papers when necessary.
  10. Go over student course evaluations for freshman classes when necessary.
  11. Work with publishers' representative, including organizing publishers' book fairs.
  12. Organize and tally voting on composition text.
  13. Recruit and interview new writing teachers.
  14. Coordinate core assessment for freshman writing courses.
  15. Develop and maintain instructor's handbook for 131 and 132.
  16. Assist Chair in any other freshman writing projects or problems.

Approved March 21, 2007 by the faculty of the Department of English.