Stephen F. Austin State University

Creative Writing

English Minor in Creative Writing (18 Credit Hours)

The purpose of the minor in Creative Writing is to allow students, regardless of major, to develop advanced skills in the creation of original fiction, poetry, and/or creative non-fiction. Student must take ENG 261 and ENG 463 and then a mix of workshop courses to fulfill the 18 credit hours required.

Program Director - Dr. John McDermott

Course # Title Credit Hours
261 Introduction to Creative Writing 3




Intermediate Poetry Workshop

Intermediate Fiction Workshop

Intermediate Creative Non-fiction Workshop





Advanced Poetry Workshop

Advanced Fiction Workshop

Advanced Creative Non-fiction

463 Elements of Craft 3
Total Credit Hours: 18

*Note for Creative Writing minors who are also English Majors: Creative Writing credits taken to complete the minor do not count for your English major credits. You may take additional Creative Writing courses beyond the minimum of 18 for the minor and apply them to your English major. With the consent of your advisor, THR 463 may also be used to fulfill credits for the Creative Writing minor.

The topics for Advanced Workshop courses vary; for example, ENG 461 may focus on screenwriting or a particular genre, such as mystery or fantasy. Advanced Poetry may focus on formal styles or open verse; Creative Nonfiction includes travel narrative, memoir, food writing, and biography.