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Faculty Senate Committees

2017-18 Faculty Senate Committees

University Committees with Senate Seats Held by
Academic Affairs Le'Ann Solmonson, FS Chair
Calendar Committee CC Conn
Graduate Council Jason Reese, FS Chair-Elect
Core-Curriculum Assessment Scott Sosebee
Policy Committee Paul Sandul, Mary Catherine Breen, Angela Jones
Distance Education Paula Griffin, Kathy Sheriff, Kefa Onchoke, Herbert Midgley

Senate Subcommittees Strategic Initiative 2017-18

Academic Affairs
Louise Stoehr, Chair
Dennis Gravatt
Stephen Kosovich
Kerry Roberts
Wesley Berg

1. Research Course Evaluations
2. Make recommendation for changes to current system

This committee deals with matters pertaining to academic standards and the academic relationships between faculty and students.
The committee's responsibility includes, but is not limited to, curriculum, degree requirements, admission policies, standards of
academic performance, types of degrees offered, and new programs.

Administration and Finance
Dennis Gravatt, Chair

Scott Jones
Jeremy Stovall

1. Professional Development Funding Study
2. Organize and promote 2nd Annual Financial Forum

This committee provides faculty interpretation of, response to, and advice concerning university administrative and
financial procedures. The committee's responsibility includes, but is not limited to, university expenditure and revenue
policies relative to fund allocation, salary equalization, budget development, and financial planning.

CC Conn, Chair
Heather Samuelson
Scott Sosebee

1. Web Streaming of meetings
2. Faculty Senate Newsletter

This committee is responsible for disseminating information about Senate activities to the faculty as a whole and to encourage
input from the faculty.

Chris Ryan, Chair
John Michael Mehaffey
Angela Jones

1. Facilitate Nominations and Elections

This committee organizes and conducts all senatorial elections and any other elections which the Senate is asked to conduct for
the University.

Stephen Kosovich, Chair
Lauren Brewer
James Morris
Angela Jones
Todd Whitehead

1. Ombuds Position

This committee deals with all matters which involve the faculty's professional and moral judgments and activities in the University

Faculty Government and Involvement
John Michael Mehaffey, Chair
Jamie Weaver
Mary Catherine Breem
Kefa Onchoke
Paul Sandul

1. Organize faculty forums for the purpose of increasing engagement

This committee deals with matters pertaining to the relationship between the faculty and the administration and with matters
concerning the Senate as the representative body of the faculty.

Professional Welfare
Paula Griffin, Chair
Herbert Midgley
Kathy Sheriff
Paulo Dutra
Kyle Ainsworth
Todd Barrios

1. Research titles and career ladder options for adjuncts and make recommendation

This committee deals with all university policies and procedures which affect the professional life of the faculty. In particular, the
committee shall review policies relating to tenure, academic freedom, salary, promotions, employment practices, dismissal of
faculty, evaluation of faculty, faculty workloads, fringe benefits, retirement, and any other such item about which faculty members
are concerned.

Senate Strategic Plan
Jason Reese, Chair
Le'Ann Solmonson
J.D. Salas
Lauren Brewer
Mark Montgomery

1. Work wih committees to align goals to SFA Envisioned and monitor and document progress

This committee monitors institutional, stateand national faculty issues and trends, sets goals parallel to institutional planning, and
assesses the progress of these goals from a faculty perspective.




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