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Emergency Short-Term Loans

Emergency Short-Term Loans for Tuition and Fees

Stephen F. Austin State University sets aside funds each semester for students who have a temporary need for money to take care of tuition & fees. Short-Term Loans will be for the first installment of your tuition & fees. Please make sure that if you need to add classes that you do so before applying for the Short-Term Loan. Short-Term Loans are only available during registration. Short-Term loans are billed through the student's account for tuition & fees. A service fee of 1.25% will be charged to your student account. Any payments crediting your student account after the Short-term loan is disbursed will be used to repay this loan only after all other student account charges have been paid. If the aid does not pay the loan in full, then repayment is due within 60 days of the 1st class day for Fall/Spring semesters.

Summer Short-Term Loans

No installment is required for Summer Short-Term Loans. The short-term loan will be for the full amount of the tuition and fees. If aid does not pay the loan in full, then repayment is due within 20 days of the 1st class day of the summer term in which you received the loan.

Student Requirements

  1. You cannot owe a prior balance.
  2. You must be currently enrolled for at least half-time (6hrs); minimum of 3 hours for a summer term.
  3. Your GPA must be 1.6 for Undergraduates and 3.0 for Graduates.
  4. You must provide a demonstrated means of repayment by the due date.  This means you are responsible for the Short-Term loan whether you receive financial aid or not.  Because your financial aid could be delayed or you may become ineligible for aid, you must list a means of repayment OTHER than financial aid on your application.  (Examples:  Parents, job, credit card, etc.)
  5. You must have a complete Installment Contract prior to receiving a Short-Term Loan. NO installment is required for Summer Short-Term Loans


How to Apply

  1. Login to mySFA
  2. Click on Self-Service Banner.
  3. Click on Student Tab.
  4. Click on Registration.
  5. Scroll down to find Short-term loan link.
  6. The system will check to see if you are eligible.  If you meet all the requirements, you will be instructed to fill out the General Application for Short Term Loans.  If you do not meet the requirements, you will receive a message explaining why and what you need to do.


Once you have completed the application and hit the submit button, you will receive an approval page confirming the payment will be made.   

Please Note: Failure to complete all steps will result in your classes being dropped. Please check your student account online to make sure your bill is paid by the drop date.

Failure to repay this loan as scheduled may result in the following:

  1. Registration will be blocked at Stephen F. Austin State University.
  2. Copies of Official transcripts and your diploma will be held.
  3. Your loan can be assigned to a collection agency.
  4. If you have not repaid your loan as agreed, we reserve the right to deny you any additional loans.


Service Fees

Service Fees are added to the short term loan amount. The service fee is 1.25% of the total amount borrowed. Service Fees are not covered by Title IV Federal Student Aid. They must be paid by another method.

(Example: $1087.00 tuition & fees = service charge of $13.59. The amount due is $1087.00 + $13.59 = $1100.59)

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