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The following sites are tools and resources that can be used for informational purposes regarding loan consolidation and repayment. One can also find information regarding defaulting on a student loan. Defaulting on a student loan can have a negative impact on your credit score and prevent receipt of a transcript from the university. Defaulting on a loan can also prevent financial aid from disbursing.

ACS, Inc. The loan billing service for Federal Perkins Loan. You may download forms for cancellations, deferments, and forbearance or make payments online.

Adventures in Education Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. Find career, college and other financial aid information. Perform scholarship searches. Download deferment forms.

College For All Texans Provides tips for applying for colleges and obtaining financial aid.

Department of Education Debt Collection Guide Helps borrowers determine which agency holds their defaulted note and outlines options for paying off the defaulted loan. Discusses loan consolidation, cancellation and discharge. Explains the consequences of default and provides suggestions about resolving disputes related to defaulted loans.

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Federal Student Aid Provides students with student loan application information, eligibility requirements and repayment information. Students can also find information regarding student loan management.

NSLDS The National Student Loan Database System that provides a compiled list of all loans disbursed to a student, including amounts and dates. Students can also find servicer contact information here.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Provides students with a guide to finding affordable Texas colleges and making application.

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