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East Texas GEAR UP Model for supporting district communication goals and objectives

Celebrate National GEAR UP Week


What GEAR UP will Accomplish

  1. Strengthen the academic preparation of students
  2. Increase the high school graduation rates
  3. Strengthen students' knowledge of and access to financial assistance for college
  4. Increase the percentage of students enrolling and succeeding in college
  5. Reduce the need for remedial education at the college level

Statistics relating to region/state

History and Successes

1999 to 2005 Grant

Partner Districts: Brookeland, Diboll, Hemphill, Lufkin, West Sabine and Woodville

Students Served: 5,767

2005 to 2011 Grant

Partner Districts: Brookeland, Center, Central, Diboll, Hemphill, Hudson, Lufkin, West Sabine, Woodville and Zavalla

Students Served: 1,520

Since the 1999 grant, East Texas GEAR UP has impacted 12 school districts and 8,769 East Texas students. Reported gains include:

Testimonial videos and stories


GEAR UP made me challenge myself in all Pre-AP and I did a better job than I thought.

Tutoring really helped me with my homework and understand better.

You shouldn't change anything you've done so far because my friends and I are getting along very well as part of the GEAR UP Program.

GEAR UP is a great program that will help me succeed in my goals in life.

I would like to thank the GEAR UP for helping all of us to succeed in our 8th grade year.

GEAR UP made me believe in myself.

This program and my teachers are absolutely amazing.

It really helped me through these classes, because last year I completed advanced classes, but this year I got better grades.

I was thinking about not being in PreAP this year, but thanks to GEAR UP, I changed my mind.

I honestly did better than I thought and I wanna thank you so much for this opportunity.

GEAR UP is very good and I really liked all of the activities GEAR UP provided for us.

I really believe the GEAR UP Program helps us do better.

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