Stephen F. Austin State University


Department of Geology MISSION STATEMENT

The primary mission of the Department of Geology is teaching of the highest quality at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Department, through its various programs, continually strives to provide students with the following:

To assist in the accomplishment of this mission, the Department of Geology encourages and supports scholarship and research of the highest quality among the faculty.

To provide outreach and service as an educational institution, the Department of Geology supports its faculty in utilizing their expertise to the benefit of the university community and regional, state, national and international communities.

Studies and training in geology are designed (1) to give students an understanding of the methods of science and the fundamentals of earth science as they relate to the physical environment and our dependence on earth resources such as minerals, rocks, fuels, and water; (2) to give prospective science students the fundamentals of geology as a foundation for other science studies; (3) to provide training in geology and related earth sciences as an area of specialization for prospective elementary and secondary school teachers; and (4) to provide geology majors with a broad foundation in geology for future professional work or graduate study.