Stephen F. Austin State University

Facilities & Equipment

Department of Geology FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT

Graduate student research areas and advanced laboratories are available for faculty and student research. Major equipment includes x-ray diffraction and fluorescence units, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer laboratory, gamma ray spectrometer instrumentation, ground penetrating radar, cesium-vapor magnetometer, ground conductivity meter, and student and research petrographic microscopes, one of which is dedicated to cathodoluminescence research. A darkroom is available.

Departmental computing facilities include microcomputers, internet access, plotters, and digitizing tablets and application software packages in use in the geological sciences. Ready access to the University's mainframe and the library catalog system is also available. A scanning electron microscope is available for use by the department.

Research interests of the faculty include stratigraphy, clastic and carbonate sedimentary petrology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, structural geology, environmental geology and geohydrology. Individual graduate studies in the areas of research listed above are available to graduate students majoring in or minoring in geology.