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Geology MAJOR

Information for Geology MAJORS

Students wishing to choose a geology major should consult the Department of Geology early in their university career. The geology program includes a required core curriculum for all majors plus additional courses from a choice of two options: the General Geology Option and the Environmental Geology Option. Therefore, no single curriculum can be listed for all majors.

All students majoring in geology are required to take 34 semester hours from the core curriculum of nine courses plus additional courses from a number of choices in the two Geology options to make a total of 43 semester hours. See below for a detailed explanation under the heading "Geology Major Requirements." Geology majors are assigned a department advisor in order to plan the program best suited to their goals and interests.

Before or shortly after completing 45 hours of university credit, a geology major should choose one of the two geology options described below and should pick a minor. Depending upon the Option chosen, at least two more geology courses will be required in addition to the geology core. Other courses needed to complete the Option can be chosen from several choices after consultation with the student's advisor. The Option can be changed at any time. A degree plan from the College of Science and Mathematics is also required after completion of 45 hours.

Note: Curriculum and requirements evolve over time. Check with the Geology Department for the latest information about requirements and options in the geology program.

Options for Geology MAJORS

Geology Major Requirements: B.S. Degree

Core Requirements: GOL 131, 132, 241, 242, 338, 364, 408, and 472 (Field Methods) (28 hours).

Environmental Geology Option

  1. The core plus GOL 420 and GOL 449 (for new majors)
  2. Two to three additional courses from the following: GOL 330, 303, 435, 450, 451, 350

General Geology Option

  1. The core plus GOL 443 and GOL 435
  2. Two to three additional courses from the following: GOL 332, 361, 410, 449, 420, 330

Second Major Programs

The courses in geology required by the major in Environmental Sciences with Environmental Geology Option (College of Forestry) or the major in Geography with Geology Minor make it possible for the interested student to complete a second major in geology during the normal four year period for the bachelor's degree. Contact the Department of Geology for advising.

Certification for Secondary School Earth Science Teaching

Requirements for earth science certification are listed in the College of Education section of the undergraduate catalog.