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Interdisciplinary Studies


The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree (M.I.S.) is a 30 to 36 hour program with no major or minor and no more than 15 hours in any discipline*. This allows students to create a study program where more than two traditional existing specializations or academic disciplines overlap. Individual programs are created by the students and their graduate advisors and will include no fewer than three disciplines (with no more than 15 hours in any one) and no more than six disciplines (with at least four disciplines providing no fewer than six hours each). This program is founded upon the idea that while there is a need for traditional specialists, there is also a place and a practical demand for the interdisciplinarian - who is a specialist in the interrelationship of traditional specializations.

Degree Options:

The student will select either the Thesis or Non-Thesis option.

  1. Thesis Option:
    1. 24 hours of course work
    2. 3 hours of thesis research and 3 hours of thesis writing
    3. Exam: written and oral comprehensive, including defense of the thesis
  2. Non-thesis Option
    1. 33 hours of course work
    2. 3 hours of Directed Studies Seminar. This seminar will produce a paper demonstrating the student's grasp of the interdisciplinary areas of the MIS Degree.
    3. Exam: written and oral comprehensive including defense of a major essay to be researched, and submitted to the committee of graduate advisors prior to the oral exam

* For the purposes of this degree and this program, when the General Business discipline is chosen, courses from any of the Departments within the College of Business are considered to be from a single discipline.

Contact the Advisor

Dr. Joyce Johnston
Phone: 936.468.6722