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Spatial Science

College of Forestry

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Forestry

Thesis Optional: No


Forestry is the scientific management of forest lands for the continuous production of goods and services. Through application of knowledge, forestry enhances as well as maintains and protects forest environments. The field of forestry encompasses timber, water, wildlife, range and recreation resources as well as the aesthetic values associated with forestlands. As managers, foresters are among the first conservationists to directly improve the quality of the forested environment. Spaitial sciences employ a theoretical and practical application of aerial photo interpretation, satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems and global positioning systems. Studies focus on applying spatial science to quantify, qualify, map, monitor and manage forested and non-forested resources from a spatial perspective.

Contact the Advisor:

Dr. Hans M. Williams
Phone: 936.468.2313