SFA Lumberjacks


Lumberjacks make great teachers

and nurses and arborists and so much more.

Lumberjacks make great CEOs

and web developers and musicians and so much more.

Lumberjacks make great engineers

and accountants and graphic designers and so much more.

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How to become a Lumberjack

Scholarship and financial aid deadlines are almost here. To qualify, you must complete the admissions process. So apply now, and learn more about how much money you can save.

Did you know:

  • You could be eligible for financial aid or a state grant
  • If you're in the top 10%, you already may qualify for a scholarship
  • You might qualify for work-study employment on campus

Learn more about your financial aid options.

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Financial aid deadline soon

Visit our beautiful campus

SFA's weekday tours allow you to:

  • Visit with admissions and financial aid advisers
  • Talk to a faculty member in an academic department of your interest
  • Reserve your space in a residence hall
  • Meet with various student service departments

If you can't visit on a weekday, select Saturday tours are available at 10:30 a.m. and noon.

For questions or to schedule a tour, contact SFA's Office of Admissions at (936) 468-2504 or admissions@sfasu.edu.

Once you become a Lumberjack,You can become so much more.

While some only see what you are, we see the professional you are destined to be. SFA is focused on connecting you to your dream career through one of our 120 areas of study.

We combine the full college experience with the full support of an outstanding faculty—all in the exceptional setting of the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods.

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Financial aid deadline soon