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The Stephen F. Austin Health Clinic is an outpatient medical facility offering preventive care and medical services to all current students. It is staffed by licensed doctors, nurse practitioner, nurses, laboratory personnel, and support staff. Look around our site to get a better idea of the services we want to provide for you.

Mission Statement

Our focus is to encourage students to maintain their physical and mental health by providing medical services, and health education which will enhance their learning experience and help them to establish healthy and balanced lifestyle skills. We are dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of our student population by offering quality confidential medical services with easy and equal access to all eligible students.

Ethical Statements

*Email Limitations: For your protection do not send confidential information, such as social security numbers, through an email or an email attachment. Confidential documents can be sent by fax or postal delivery. Since the clinic's response time for emails can vary, it should also not be used for appointment requests and other time sensitive matters.