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About Us / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Health Clinic?
The Health Clinic is an outpatient clinic offering preventative care and medical services to all currently enrolled students. It is staffed by licensed medical practitioners, nurses, laboratory, clerical, and administrative personnel. We are a medical facility with an accredited laboratory which has been tailored to our student population needs.
Where is the Health Clinic?

The Health Clinic is located on the corner of East College and Raguet Streets. Designated patient parking is conveniently located between the south side of the Health Services building, and the north side of the Human Services building.

When is the Health Clinic available?
The Health Clinic is open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays, except for official University holidays and weekends. Students are seen by appointments for most illnesses. During office hours, students with urgent medical conditions or minor emergencies will be triaged by a nurse.
Who is Eligible?
Presentation of a validated student ID card for the current semester entitles a student to all available Health Clinic services.
What is the cost?
The Health Clinic is partially funded by a portion of the student service fee paid at registration. This prepaid fee helps cover insurance co-pays, deductibles and most services the clinic provides. So students are usually seen at no charge. There are a very few exceptions to this policy. The main ones are fees for immunizations and lab work requested by providers outside our facility.
What about Health Insurance?
If you have health insurance, bring your insurance card when you come to the clinic. Students without any health insurance are strongly encouraged to apply for student health insurance which helps cover hospitalization, after-hours emergencies, and other medical needs not provided by the clinic. See the Insurance link for more information.
What if you do not have health insurance?
You will still be seen without charge for a regular visit.
What about Proof of Visit?
If a professor has notified his class at the beginning of the semester that a note is required to verify absence due to illness it can obtained at the time of the visit. Due to privacy laws, the note will state only the date and time of your appointment with the practitioner. The note does not constitute an excuse, which is a decision between the professor and the student.
What services does the Health Clinic NOT provide?
  • Pharmacy
  • X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CAT scans
  • Eye Exams, Glasses, or Contacts
  • Dental Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Some Medical Specialties
  • Prenatal Care
  • Automobile Accidents: Students who sustain injuries as a result of an automobile accident must receive initial evaluation and treatment by an off-campus medical facility. The SFA Health Clinic does not provide initial evaluation or treatment for these types of injuries due to the lack of immediate access to diagnostic tests such as x-ray services.
  • Work-related Injuries / Workman's Comp: Stephen F. Austin State University employees, student assistants, and other university assistants who receive an injury while working at the university will report to their immediate supervisor for instructions regarding treatment. All work-related injuries must be reported to Human Resources immediately.
  • Faculty/Staff of SFA may receive limited services such as flu shots, blood pressure checks, and weight. Because we are partially funded by student service fees, faculty and staff are not eligible for examination, consultation, testing, or treatment.