Stephen F. Austin State University

International Travel Warnings


If you are planning to travel outside of the United States, please check the CDC or State Department travel notices prior to finalizing your travel plans. There are often only certain parts of a country that are of concern for contracting a specific infectious disease. If you can avoid those areas, there is no significant increased risk.

The CDC Travel Notices website keeps a current list of the countries which are considered unsafe to travel because an infectious disease outbreak there is not yet contained. If you have traveled to one of these countries listed as a "Level 3 warning area" in the past 21 days or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Ebola, please call Dr. Jeffery at 936-468-4008, so you can be monitored for symptoms.

If you are planning on traveling to any of the countries listed as a Level 2 or 1 warning area, please follow the link to read about the infectious disease of concern in that country, and follow appropriate precautions to prevent contracting that illness. Be aware of the symptoms and inform any medical provider you see on return of your travel and possible exposure.

Please also review all recommendations for immunizations and malaria prophylaxis for your specific destination. Many of these immunizations should be started several months before traveling. Also follow specified recommendations on water and food preparation and insect bite prevention, as there are many serious illnesses not covered by immunizations or malaria prophylaxis.

Updated: 12/15/14