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SFA Student Health Clinic Now Bills Your Health Insurance

An important new service is now being offered at the SFA Student Health Clinic (SHC). Just like your home health care provider, the SHC doctors and nurse practitioners are now accepting health insurance plans.

Why is this good?

Billing insurance is exactly what most health care providers do. It will allow the Student Health Clinic to continue with the current level of services in spite of increasing costs.  It will also allow us to provide more services on-site since we may be able to be reimbursed by insurance for the costs of these services. The SHC will still expect payment for certain items not covered by health insurance (some labs and immunizations) and you will still be responsible for paying the cost of health care you receive from other health care providers, such as the local hospitals and specialists.

The portion of the student services fee that the Student Health Clinic receives will ensure access to the SHC for all students, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.  If you have no health insurance you will be able to be seen without a charge.  If you have insurance, the student services fee will cover your co-payments and deductibles that you would have to pay at a private medical office -- thus eliminating the charges that your health insurance doesn't cover. Some labs and immunizations will have a charge.

Please don't worry -- the SHC will continue to provide health care services to all eligible students regardless of your health insurance status or ability to pay.

Don't leave home without it… bring your health insurance card and student ID to every visit!

The Student Health Clinic has already begun to ask for your health insurance card when you come for a visit.  Just like at your home health care provider, the SHC staff will handle the process of billing your health insurance carrier; you will not have to file claim forms yourself!  Since the Student Health Clinic will accept the payment made by health insurance companies for office visits as payment in full, you will not receive any other bill for those covered services.

Health Insurance is important!

Stephen F Austin State University strongly encourages all students to maintain adequate health insurance coverage at all times.  Easy, quick access to health care when and wherever needed is important for students to avoid disruption of studies. Furthermore, maintaining adequate health insurance coverage will prevent severe financial hardship should unforeseen major medical care be required due to accident or illness. For students without health insurance, SFA provides a University endorsed plan. Please go to the following website for more information:

We are here to help!

If you need additional information or have any questions, please call us at 936-468-4008 or visit us in the Student Health Clinic.

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