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Allergen Injection Policy

To provide a safe, appropriate and quality medical services, the following allergen injection guidelines have been established:
  1. Information necessary to accept patients for allergy injections include:

    • The vial containing the allergen extract will be labeled with the strength and contents of the allergen extract to be administered.
    • The expiration date of the allergen extract will appear on the label.
    • Date and dosage of previous injections from current vials prior to coming to the University Health Clinic will be noted on the accompanying notes.
    • The allergen extract schedule to be followed in the clinic will be specified.
    • All information on any previous adverse reactions.
    • Instructions from your allergist as to procedures to follow should an adverse reaction occur after an injection in our clinic or if the patient has fallen behind schedule. (If schedule has been interrupted excessively, the patient will be referred back to the allergist for new instructions.)
  2. The prescribed allergen injection schedule shall be reviewed by a University Health Clinic provider. Should any direction be unclear or inadequate, we will require clarification from your allergist prior to the administration of any allergen injection.

  3. When new serum is prescribed by your allergist, the first injection must be administered at your allergist's office. We will not administer the first injection of a new serum series.

  4. After the injection has been administered, patients shall be observed for 20 minutes to insure that any complications or adverse reactions that may arise are properly managed. Patients shall remain in the Clinic during this observation period. At the end of this period of observation, results will be read and then documented in the allergy treatment record. Patients who do not comply with this requirement will be denied further allergen injections in the clinic.

  5. If the patient is ill, for any reason, allergen injections shall not be administered.

  6. The allergen injection consent form must be filled out for allergy injections to be given. Please print it off and bring the signed form it with you. Patients under the age of 18 years must have thesigned by their parent or guardian.

  7. Allergen injections shall only be administered during the hours of 8 am to 11:30 am and 1 pm to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. No allergy injections will be given after 4:30 pm.

  8. The clinic will not be responsible for receiving new or refilled vaccines via the U.S. Mail or other postal means.

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