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Artifacts and Archives

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Corrigan Project

Artifacts and Archives

The city has collected a wide range of artifacts and documents related to the development and expansion of the city of Corrigan. Those objects include a doctor's kit, books, WWII ration cards, and high school memorabilia donated by the local citizens and businessmen.

September 2011

The City of Corrigan and the Center for Regional Heritage Research conducted a joint processing day on Thursday Sept 8 in the city hall annex in Corrigan. Prior to our arrival, Kelly Shadix and other local leaders organized the city's historical materials according to donator. Upon arrival the team conducted a quick analysis of the materials with particular attention given to creator, date, type and condition. Following standard collectors management practices, the team then made item or folder-level descriptions of each collection. Once this preliminary finding aid was completed, the list was added to an Excel spreadsheet and each collection was assigned a box number. By the end of the day we had successfully assessed the City's historic holdings which included items such as a doctor's kit, a 1913 adding machine, World War II ration books, turn-of-the century school photographs and sports trophies. All of these items, the majority of which were in good stable condition were re-housed in fresh boxes. We will now begin to digitize some of the materials to provide access while the city progresses in the process of rehabilitating a former 1910s grocery store to function as a community archive and museum. In the meanwhile, the digitized materials will be available in the City of Corrigan Collection of the East Texas Research Center's digital archives:

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