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Scrape, the movie (April 2013)

Scrape, the movie
By Vina Lee

Scrape, is the latest film by director and producer, Derek Johnson, 2001 Carthage High School graduate. Derek says it is a horror film that is "fun, thrilling ... not one of those torture films, but a great story with a twist." Movie premieres were shown in Shreveport a month ago receiving rave reviews.

Derek always wanted to be an actor/filmmaker, but his only experience with films was his broadcast journalism classes with Don Pitchford in highschool. Once he was at SFA, majoring in communications, he discovered the university had a small film school, so he changed his major to cinematography. In 2006, his senior year, his film script was chosen as "the one" to be produced. He needed a middle-aged man for the lead role and Mr. Pitchford said, "Yes!" to the film, Within Us.

After graduation, Derek moved to Shreveport where the film industry has become very successful, created his own production company, naming it AJ16 for his brother, Adam who died in 2007 and his sports number was 16. The idea for Scrape came while he was home visiting his mother, "what if people were buried under the house by a crazed killer?" He spent a lot of time in Carthage writing and his nephew, Alec Johnson, a second grader at Libby Elementary is making his way to the stage as one of the lead characters in this strange thriller, Scrape.

Barry Sagan is a quiet guy who likes photography and is pretty much a loaner landlord. He rents a house to Mick Hedgeworth who is out-going, gregarious, and married to Maggie. They are happily rearing their son, Hunter. Life is "normal" until women disappear. Maggie thinks she saw a murder by a masked "something," a kind of monster. She becomes paranoid. From there, the thread that binds begins to unravel."Who or what is this masked entity and what will happen to Barry and the Hedgeworth family? You've just "gotta" see it! Grab the seat of your chair! Coming soon to our area!