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City of Newton's First Post Office (June 2013)

City of Newton's First Post Office
By Jonnie Miller

In the early 1800's mail was brought in once a week and kept in the stores. According to the National Archives Newton's first post office was established as MIDWAY on September 25, 1850 and Adam L. Stewart was named its Postmaster. On October 27, 1853, the name was changed to NEWTON and John Moore was selected as Postmaster. In 1860 Postmaster Bill Blewitt kept the mail in his home until August 5, 1861 when the Post Office came under the Confederate States of America. G. B. Layton first and subsequently Miss Mary J. Moore served as Postmasters. When the post office was "reestablished" on August 15, 1867, William M. Dilliard was the appointed Postmaster. But it wasn't until 1875 when the Clark Family erected a building (now known as the Bean Building) and "fixed a real place for a Post Office!"