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609 E. Hospital

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609 E. Hospital Street 2011 Summer Survey

A single story red brick craftsman style bungalow with a gable and wing composite shingle roof. The wing features a hipped roof while the main structure makes use of a front gable design. The roof, currently, utilizes overhanging white vinyl boxed eaves without brackets. A partial front porch contains two segmental arches facing the street with a third segmented arch on the side. A wheelchair ramp attaches to the porch, running from a nearby parking area. Physically the property appears in excellent condition. The yard shows signs of overgrowth. Significance: In 1924, Charles B. Hagans, a bookkeeper for a local business, acquired this property from the Mast Estate. Fire insurance maps produced by the Sanborn Company show this house built between 1922 and 1929 (1922 Sheet 6; 1929 Sheet 8). In all likelihood, Hagans either contracted for the building of the current home or became the first owner of the newly constructed house. Later, Sanborn maps show an L-shaped wing added to the back of the house sometime between 1929 and 1946 (1946 Sheet 8).

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