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Starting in 1929 and continuing through 1946, Sanborn Company fire insurance maps show a stable near the rear of the 616 Logansport, property. Satellite imagery available from Google Maps show this structure is no longer present. The Sanborn maps also show a detached garage at the rear of each Sisters' property. While not visible from the street, Google Maps satellite photos show both garages still in existence. In order to allow easier access to the house, current owners have re-purposed the original attached carriageway as a carport. (1922 Sheet 6; 1929 Sheet 8; 1946 Sheet 8).

Significance: The date of Jennie Hoya's marriage to L B Mast remains elusive. Census data from 1910 shows Jennie Hoya as a unmarried woman living with her parents. Local records show her sister, Clara Hoya, married Roy Gray in 1914. Most likely, both buildings were intended as wedding gifts to his daughters by Charles Hoya.


Sanborn Company Map- 1922 Sheet 6
Sanborn Company Map- 1929 Sheet 8,%20Sheet%208&CCSI=894n
Sanborn Company Map- 1946 Sheet 8,%20Sheet%208&CCSI=894n
Photograph of Clara and Jennie Hoya,96

616 Logansport 1990 National Register Information

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