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Peek into Panola (January 2014)

Peek into Panola
By Vina Lee

The community of Woods in Panola County had a house of worship also used for a school house before 1858 according to the Texas State Historical Association. I have friends who live in Woods which originally had about 200 residents but now only boasts 65 residents in the Census count in 2000.

The Methodist Church building in this photo was built during the winter of 1876 in what was then known as Concord. It was first called Hull's Store for the first settler, C. F. Hull but the name of the community was changed to that of the newly commissioned postmaster, Theodorick Wood who was appointed to the position in 1854.

This church building is one of the oldest buildings in Panola County still actively in use each week for services. It is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

(Woods Methodist Church Photo courtesy Gerald Massey, April 2011)