Stephen F. Austin State University

Program Participants

Current Participants

FLC IX (Spring 2015-Fall 2016)
Last Name First Name Department
Higgins Jeremy Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management
Claver Lacey Student Affairs
Childress Erin Biology
Langford James Biology
Smith Mary Center for Teaching and Learning
Heidbrink Chelsea Business
Hutchison Elizabeth Computer Science
Milem Jill Counseling Services
Haddox D'nese Residence Life
Kahla Marlene Management, Marketing and Intl. Business
Ormsby Andrew Center for Teaching and Learning

FLC X (Fall 2015- Spring 2016)
Last Name First Name Department
Unger Daniel Forestry
Dentice Diane Anthropology, Geography and Sociology
Spradley Elizabeth Languages, Cultures and Communication
Smith Gregory Languages, Cultures and Communication
Collier Ken Government
Tasker-Davis Liz English
Stoehr Louise Languages, Cultures and Communication
Breen Mary Catherine Secondary Ed. & Education Leadership
Kosovich Steve Economics and Finance
Marsden Steve English