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Current Projects

Current Projects

FLC IX (Fall 2015 Implementation)

D'nese Haddox, MBA
The students in this course will develop team building skills through working with the Outdoor Pursuits division of the Campus Rec department and classroom activities and the final project at Zip Nac. The class will work both with teams and individually to develop projects to help others (individuals or groups/organizations) in our community. They will be challenged to find people or groups that need a helping hand and work to meet their needs. Group projects will be approved by the instructor and/or class prior to implementation.

Chelsea Heidbrink, M.ED.
My SFA 101 class is a business-designated section. Throughout the semester they will get numerous opportunities to network and present to/with business professionals and faculty members. The first of these events is a networking etiquette mixer in the College of Business on September 24. After that, the class will work together to design and implement a professional development event for students in the College of Business.

Jeremy Higgins, EdD
The students will engage in a semester long group project to develop a Freshmen Success Manual. Groups of 4-5 individuals will work together to research a topic relating to freshmen success. Topics may include: time management, testing strategies, sexual assault, alcohol and drugs, etc. Each group will present their topic to the class at the end of the semester and will be responsible for providing the instructor with a 1-2 page information sheet. The students will then put each group's information together into one document to complete the manual and present to future incoming freshmen.

Jill Milem, M.Ed., LPC-S
The project my class will work on is "Project: Mother Earth". The class will define the term "planet health", and identify the elements necessary for planet health as well as the threats to those elements. Groups of 4-5 students will each address a threat to one element of planet health through an intervention that they design and execute on campus (or in the community). The participants will evaluate their own and others' projects through the semester.

Marlene Kahla, Ph. D.
The section of SFA 101 that I teach this semester focuses on "Sense of Community." Through interacting with the students about where they live now, things they enjoy and things they do not enjoy, and what makes them feel a part of the community, my student teaching assistant and I help our students to develop a sense of ownership about their new studies and their new surroundings. The work of the semester will culminate in a progressive dinner that involves a few faculty volunteers and our class. The goal is to create ownership of the campus and their studies so that they feel that they belong and will be successful.