Stephen R. Taaffe

Stephen R. Taaffe, Ph.D.

Ohio University, 1995
American Military History, American Foreign Relations History


Telephone: 936.468.2378
Office: 310 Vera Dugas Liberal Arts North


Steve Taaffe is a professor of history who has worked at SFA since 2000. He received his undergraduate degree in political science and Spanish from Grove City College, his masters’ degrees in political science and international affairs (Latin America specialty) from Ohio University, and his doctorate in history from Ohio University.

In addition to US history survey classes, Taaffe teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in American military and diplomatic history. He specializes in American military leadership and command, but has also dabbled in the history of American education and pedagogy.

Taaffe has written six books: MacArthur’s Jungle War, the 1944 New Guinea Campaign (University Press of Kansas,1998), The Philadelphia Campaign (University Press of Kansas 2003), Commanding the Army of the Potomac (University Press of Kansas, 2006), Commanding Lincoln’s Navy: Union Naval Leadership during the Civil War (Naval Institute Press, 2009), Marshall and His Generals: US Army Commander in World War II (University Press of Kansas, 2011), and MacArthur’s Korean War Generals (University Press of Kansas, 2016). He is the recipient of the Dallas Civil War Round Table’s Grady McWhiney Award for contributions in Civil War history, the Army Historical Foundation’s Distinguished Award for US military history writing in both the pre and post 1898 eras, Stephen F. Austin State University Foundation’s Faculty Achievement Award in research, and the US Military History Group’s Richard Lukaszewicz Memorial Book Award for US military history writing in the post 1945 era.

Taaffe lives with his red-headed wife, Cynthia, and their four troublesome kids: John, Alex, Tess, and David. His prize possession is a plaque for perfect attendance that he received at his high school graduation. He keeps it prominently displayed in his office, and is therefore subjected to ridicule from friends, students, and colleagues who don't appreciate his self-righteous brand of punctuality. A proud Ohioan, Taaffe longs for the day that the Cleveland Indians win the World Series.