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Career Opportunities

Careers in Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences majors are prepared for professions in a wide variety of settings.

Family and Consumer Sciences High School Teacher- Teachers are in short supply and there is great demand, not only in Texas but nationwide. After obtaining the teacher certificate several types of high school programs can be taught:

There are three teaching certificate options in Family and Consumer Sciences:

Courses are available on-line through the Family and Consumer Sciences Distance Alliance. The Alliance is a consortium of universities offering content courses on-line. Visit the web site at

Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative Extension

FCS professionals have opportunities for employment in county positions to work with 4-H members, extension clubs and other individuals or groups in the county setting.


Business related to any area of Family and Consumer Sciences offer opportunity to promote products and services.


Agencies assisting families employ professionals to present programs, problem solve, etc. These are at the local, state, and national level.


Public relations opportunities are found with business, government and private companies.


Individuals who have developed certifications or other qualifications may choose to provide consulting to clients both individual or business.