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Students receiving credit for the internship in Fashion Merchandising must complete 150 hours for 3 semester hours.

Why Intern?

For students pursuing a career in fashion merchandising, both education and work experience are required. A fashion merchandising internship is included in the fashion merchandising degree plan to insure that students have at least one work experience at the time the Bachelor of Science degree is completed. The internship is viewed as a culminating experience-an opportunity to apply the concepts, principles and theories learned in the fashion merchandising curriculum to the "real world" of fashion merchandising.

Intern Credits & Requirements

Fashion merchandising students should plan to complete the internship during the final fall semester of the degree program. Three (3) semester hours credit is given for the internship experience through enrollment in Human Science 420: Practicum. In addition to HMS 420, students should be concurrently enrolled in what has become known as the internship "block" of classes-HMS 420, HMS 363, HMS 452, HMS 463, & HMS 400 for a total of 13 hours. The student will meet face-to-face classes during the first half of the semester and then will be free to complete the internship and independent study during the second half of semester away from the main campus, thus allowing students to seek out the best possible internships regardless of location.

Former students have done internships in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Tyler, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, New York City, Missouri, Washington, New York City and even in Ecuador. The student must complete 150 hours of documented work experience in a single place of employment.

Requirements include: