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Stephen F. Austin State University


HMS 137 - Principles of Food Science - Three semester credit hours: (one hour lecture, four hours lab per week.) Basic principles and techniques of food selection. Preparation and storage, including food composition, nutrient content and role in the diet. Fee required.

HMS 138 - Diet and Fitness - One semester hour. Overview of concepts related to food, nutrition and health.

HMS 139 - Management in Meal Production - Three semester credit hours: (one hour lecture, four hours lab per week.) Meal management in home and commercial settings with emphasis on procuring, planning, preparing and serving. Analysis of resource allocation in relation to time, energy, economics and human factors.


HMS 239 - Introductory Nutrition - Study of nutrition and food as applied to daily living. Basic nutrition and wellness concepts in relation to the individual.

HMS 339 - Nutrition - Study of the nutritive needs of the body with emphasis on function of the nutrients in the body, food sources, and requirements for people of different ages and activities.


HMS 349 - Nutrition During the Life Cycle - Nutritional needs during the life cycle; relation between nutrition and mental and physical development and function.


HMS 403 - Cultural Aspects of Food - Origin of cultural food habits; social and psychological aspects of food acceptances; cultural influences in food selection and preparation.

HMS 404 - Quantity Food Production and Service - Three semester credit hours, (one hour lecture, four hours lab per week). Quantity food preparation, menu planning, food cost determination, recipe standardization and efficient food service.


HMS 405 - Food Service Organization and Management - Principles of management applied to food service systems including restaurants and institutions.

HMS 409 - Applied Nutrition - Overview of techniques and procedures for collecting, recording, analyzing and interpreting data for nutritional assessment; program development and presentation techniques for application to individuals and community groups.


HMS 429 - Nutrition for Sports - Nutritional concerns for individuals and team sport participants at various ages, including optimum diet selection for maximum performance; nutrient impact on performance; body composition; energy balance; unique needs of specific sports participants; food and nutritional quackery in sports and athletics.


HMS 439 - Advanced Nutrition - Metabolic processes which involve essential dietary components, methods of evaluating nutritional status.


HMS 449 - Nutrition and Disease - Study of the physiological and biological anomalies in certain diseases; principles underlying nutritional therapy.


HMS 479 - Medical Nutrition Therapy - Medical nutrition concepts and applications to specific disease conditions in clinical settings.