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Advising & Degree Plan Procedure


Advisement meetings are a critical part of the Interior Design Program. Much effort is taken to keep students in the correct sequence. The consequence of getting off sequence is the addition of a year to the student's graduation plan.

It is the responsibility of each student to meet with his or her advisor during the regular advisement period prior to registration each semester. Your advisor is Sara Cole. Students can schedule appointmenta online at The College of Education Advising Center is located in the James I Perkins College of Education on the first floor, room 118. Drop-in appointments are not acceptable, nor generally available. If you are not a current student in the College of Education or the scheduling system is not working properly, you can call the front desk at 936-468-2901 or stop into PCOE 118. Using the student's unofficial transcript, and degree plan, students should develop a tentative schedule prior to their advisement appointment. A course sequencing matrix is provided for you as a guide. Please review to determine sequence of studio/labs.

Initiating the Degree Plan

After the completion of 45 course hours the student must initiate the degree plan. Go to the College of Education Advising Center, Room ED 118, in the McKibben Building to request the initiation of your degree plan. Advise staff of your major and any desired double major or minor. Remember Interior Design does not have a minor, but you may add one. The staff in the advising center will contact you when the degree plan is ready, (approximately 2 weeks). Follow the routing instructions for appropriate signatures. If you do not add a minor or a second degree come directly to the coordinator of the interior design program. Appointments must be made with the coordinator to review the degree plan and to review your plan of action. Return signed degree plan to the College of Education Advising Center.

Sara Cole
Sara Cole - Student Success Advisor Educational Background: BS Agriculture in 2003 at SFA; MIS Interdisciplinary Studies at SFA in 2011 Office: McKibben Building, Room 118

Advises for the following programs:

Fashion Merchandising & Interior Merchandising

Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

Interior Design