Stephen F. Austin State University

Laptop Computer Policy


Over the past two decades, electronic technology has had a major impact on the interior design profession. The Interior Design program is committed to the integration of computers throughout the design curriculum. Each student in the interior design program is required to purchase a laptop computer. We start using computers your freshman year.

Where to Purchase

As a student at SFASU, you are eligible to purchase a computer from any vendor/supplier you choose. The Interior Design program is a PC advocate because Revit and AutoCAD are compatible with PC's. Dell and HP in the past have an accidental policy that protects students if it crashes, or if you drop it, etc. I am sure other vendors carry the same policy. This has been a great added feature when project deadlines are near and an accident happens.


Protect your investment with an insurance rider. Speak to your insurance agent about insuring your computer. Some insurance companies will include your computer under renter's insurance. If you or your parents have a homeowners insurance policy, you may be able to insure your computer with an optional rider.

Some computer manufacturers offer extended warranties that cover damage or theft.

Computer Specifications & Requirements - Fall 2018