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Sophomore/Transfer Portfolio Review

The Interior Design portfolio review is the chosen format for a student to demonstrate his/her ability to advance within the SFA Interior Design Program. The student submits a variety of work that illustrates his/her skill level in the areas of: creative thinking, manual drafting, volumetric thinking, color application, active listening skills, design merit (concept statements/space planning/physiological and psychological comfort), historical awareness, craftsmanship/professionalism, written communication and portfolio assembly (creative organization). A written component is required stating how the submittals demonstrate the skills listed and why the student believes he/she has achieved each skill level. A design philosophy statement is also required.

The student must pass the juried Sophomore Portfolio Review which is held at the end of the interior design student's 2nd-year. Course prerequisites for portfolio review are HMS 115, HMS 206, HMS 208, HMS 212; HMS 310, Art 110 and Art 130. Students transferring must have the equivalence of the courses listed above. Portfolio review takes place twice a year, in May or June and August. A score of 23 or better is required for passage. In addition, failure in any single section of the review constitutes failure; however, the student may resubmit at the next designated portfolio review. Incomplete projects or projects turned in late are not reviewed.

The portfolio projects are juried by faculty and practicing design professionals. Scores are mailed to the student 4 to 5 days after review. Results cannot be given out over the phone. Contact Leisha Bridwell if you have any questions

Portfolio Review

HCC Portfolio Review Dates

Friday, November 17th - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday, June 8th - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Contact Leisha Bridwell at for appointment.