Stephen F. Austin State University

Goals & Objectives

ID Program Goals
Short Term
1. Maintain accreditations with Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

2. Prepare students for professional leadership

3. Re-structure student organization to encourage membership growth and leadership opportunities with ID and IM students
4. Recruit higher quality students through student outreach
5. Recruit, foster, and retain qualified faculty, adjuncts
6. Improve learning and working environments by increasing resources, technology, and
industry experts
7. Enhance industry, community, and professional partnerships
8. Review and evaluate support courses used to enhance learning objectives
9. Evaluate courses offered in the Masters Program with interior design emphasis

Long Term
1. Continue development of ID general and healthcare courses for masters program/track
2. Continue to explore on-line course offerings for ID and IM
3. Identify funding sources for grant opportunities
4. Continue to improve marketing efforts for the Design Center
5. Explore the creation of a professional sustainability certificate

ID Goals for Students
1. Support opportunities whereby the members of the Interior Design Advisory Council have the opportunity for a strong and consistent interaction with students
2. Continue to build student awareness about the importance of CIDA, International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), and NKBA standards and how they relate to student performance and student ability to demonstrate understanding for accreditation
3. Continue to build student awareness about the importance of interaction with Interior Design/Interior Merchandising professionals and respective professional organizations
4. Continue to develop and encourage membership in student organizations.
5. Strongly encourage and/or require Interior Design/Interior Merchandising students to submit work in all available student design competitions and scholarships.

ID/IM Goals for Partnerships
1. Continue to strengthen connections to professional design organizations and community
2. Strengthen collaboration with professionals to develop/establish juries for student
3. Strengthen collaboration with ID/IM Advisory Board and other departments on SFA
campus, and junior colleges
4. Create connections with SFA Interior Design alumni, adjunct faculty, and philanthropist.
5. Strengthen awareness connection with area high schools (recruitment endeavors)