Stephen F. Austin State University


A Brief History and HDFS Timeline

Education Annex Building (EDAN) is the current location of the HDFS program

There is a long history of partnership between the Human Development and Family Studies Program and the Early Childhood Education Program at Stephen F. Austin State University

1923-1951: Demonstration School for Teacher Candidates

Initial foundations with Stephen F. Austin State University

1936-1974: Nursery School

Provided a laboratory for child development students to observe children

Provided a place for children to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially under the direction of a trained professional

1969-1974: Kindergarten Program

Provided training early childhood education as Texas began Kindergarten endorsement through a teaching certification

1975: Early Childhood Laboratory

Increased need for child care as women moved into the workforce

Increased numbers of students in Child Development and Early Childhood

Developed partnership between the original, what is now the School of Human Sciences, Home Economics along with Elementary Education

In the early 1980's there was a Teacher of Young Children (TYC) certification available specifically for teaching PK-3rd grade. However, this program only lasted a few years before it was discontinued.