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University Scholars Awards

The University Scholars Awards

The School of Honors at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) is pleased to announce the competition for its annual University Scholars Award scholarship program. The supervision of the awards is directed by the School of Honors. They are presented independently through the six colleges of the University, which are Business, Education, Fine Arts, Forestry and Agriculture, Liberal and Applied Arts, and Science and Mathematics.

To be eligible for consideration for the University Scholars Awards a student must be:

In late spring of each year, the School of Honors will announce award winners. Each recipient will receive up to $2,000 per semester, based on fund income, for up to eight semesters of study at SFA. The maximum any recipient can receive from this scholarship is $16,000.

Recipients must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of no less than 3.25 on the University’s 4.0 scale. They must participate in the School of Honors and earn at least three hours of Honors credit (essentially, one Honors course) per semester until a minimum of twenty-five hours is completed. This will entitle the student to graduate with a School of Honors diploma in addition to graduating with the University Scholar designation on the primary diploma from SFA.

Outside achievements will be considered in the awards process. Among these might be artistic efforts, professional or occupational activities, significant volunteer work, or worthy activities of other types.

To apply, please complete by February 1st the SFA Scholarship application:

  1. The SFA Scholarship application can be accessed online through your mySFA account by selecting myServices, then selecting Apply for Scholarships;
  2. Up to three letters of recommendation from teacher(s) or professor(s) by submitting their name and email address(es) which will allow them to click a link to complete the process; and
  3. Complete the 300-600 word essay “Assess the importance of a college education” on page 7 of the online application.

Scholarship application questions?
SFA Financial Aid office
(936) 468-2403
School of Honors questions?
SFA School of Honors office
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