SFA Undergraduate Research Conference Guidelines

Any paper or project composed or performed during calendar year 2015 and supervised by an SFA instructor is eligible for the competition. (Spring, Summer, or Fall semesters of 2015).

Each submission will consist of three components:

  1. submission form – contact information for student and faculty sponsor
  2. faculty recommendation letter one to two pages
  3. student-authored abstract - no more than 500 words. Abstracts should include general information about the project, the theory used to guide the research (or what is the purpose of your work), the methodology used (or how do you go about achieving your purpose), and your results.


  1. Papers and works prepared by non-majors are eligible so long as they are supervised by an SFA instructor.
  2. Work produced in languages other than English are eligible, but abstracts must be submitted in English and presentations should be designed for a predominantly English-speaking audience.
  3. Group papers/projects can be submitted for groups of up to five members.
  4. Students who submit work into the competition must be current SFA students during the Spring 2016 semester.
  5. In order for a Top Scholar to be eligible for the award prize money, s/he must be enrolled during the Spring 2016 semester and present at the conference.

Submission procedures:

  • Students should make their submissions to the department of the sponsoring faculty member. The student must be registered for the Spring 2016 semester to be eligible for the competition.
  • Each college and its departments will use their own guidelines to determine their submissions to the college. (For example, in the College of Liberal & Applied Arts, each department and division can submit no more than three student project to the Dean’s office. A college committee then chooses the college’s top scholar and its finalists.)
  • Each college will submit one top scholar and up to seven finalists to the Honor’s College.
  • All top scholars and college finalists are invited to participate in URC 2016, either as interactive presenters or poster presenters.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can a department submit papers/projects done by non-majors?
    YES - any scholarly work completed as part of an undergraduate course requirement in the department is eligible for submission.

  • Must the $250 prize money be used for scholarship or student travel to conferences?
    NO – this money will be deposited into the student’s University account. The students will have access to the money as they would any monies deposited to their student account. If the award goes to a group project, it will be divided evenly among the group members.

  • Can submissions include scholarly works that are primarily creative rather than research-based?
    YES – Any undergraduate work that demonstrates scholarly methods appropriate to the field for which it was produced can be submitted.

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