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2011 SFASU Undergraduate Research Conference Top Scholars and Finalists

Nelson Rusche College of Business


University Scholar: John Ramsey and Chris Boatman
Nacogdoches Community Economic Research

Candace Clanahan, Jason B. Crager, and Michael YorkThe K.E.E.P. Program
Department of General Business poster pdf

David Hernandez and Uriel Luna
Examining the Student Investment Roundtable Fund's Returns

Department of Economics and Finance poster pdf

Charles McWhorter, Jessica Patterson, Jason Sikorski, and Clay Wheeler
Team F.I.T. Get Involved. Join Our Team
Department of General Business

Michael York
Consumers Perceived Risk of Smartphones
Department of General Business poster pdf

James I. Perkins College of Education


University Scholar: Michelle Carr and Bridget Livingston Lighting Specification Project
School of Human Sciences

Jonathan Denton
Understanding Student Perceptions of Physical Education Related to Academic Performance
Department of Kinesiology and Health Science poster pdf

Megan Ervin
How to Become Involved with the United States Olympic Committee
Department of Kinesiology and Health Science poster pdf

Sarah Guyer
Co-parenting: Your Marriage May Be Over, but Your Family is Not
School of Human Sciences poster pdf

Kathleen Higgins
Choreographic Design and Process of “What About Me?”
Department of Kinesiology and Health Science poster pdf

Jacqueline Hooton Huntley
A Description of the Effectiveness of a Guided Reading Internship Project
Department of Elementary Education poster pdf

Wesley Kephart
A Biomechanical Analysis of the Weight Training Squat
Department of Kinesiology and Health Science poster pdf

Noelle Norman Green Tea Aids in Overall Health
School of Human Sciences poster pdf

Jenifer Pickett and Lindsey Tatum
The Development of Self-Perception of Creative Abilities
Department of Secondary Education and Educational Leadership poster pdf

Tameika Sanchez and Ashley Watkins
It Takes a Village to Raise a Healthy Child: Collaborative Strategies for Nourishment of American Youth
School of Human Sciences poster pdf

College of Fine Arts

University Scholar: June Parker
Nacogdoches Library Mural
School of Art

Tiffany Craig
Every Smile Contains A Dagger

School of Theatre poster pdf

Rose Downing
Costume Designs for School for Scandal

School of Theatre poster pdf

Naeem Munaf
Design Los Angeles
School of Art

Carla Moore
Reyna Barbara Stozzi: Shrewd Siren or Brilliant Diva
chool of Music

Katrina Tarson
Charles Darwin: Evolutionary Theory and the Theatre
poster pdf


Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture


University Scholar: Halden Packard
Carbon, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen Removal from Waste Water Treatment Plant Effluent

Division of Environmental Science

Trevor Barnett and Seth Kinard
Geospatial Analysis of the Historical Population Change in Texas
Division of Forestry

Alexandria Bryant
Texas Black Bears

Division of Forestry poster pdf

Robert Burke, Christopher Kossegi, Max Wayne Jackson Landscape Ecological Analysis of Surface Water Quality on Stephen F. Austin State University
Division of Forestry

David Jamar
The Use of the Resistograph and the CTLA Method in Teaching Urban Forestry
Division of Forestry

Seth M. Kinard
Impact of Rising Sea Levels on the Greater Galveston Bay Area

Division of Forestry

Jessica Lee
Implementing the No Child Left Inside SFA101 Challenge into College Student’s Lives

Division of Forestry

Madison Timme
Utilizing Industrial Fly Ash to Raise Soil pH
Division of Environmental Science


College of Liberal and Applied Arts


University Scholar: Zachary Overfield
Discussion of the Evolving State of Viking Age Religious Practices and Gender Roles as Visible Through the Archaeological Record of Boat Burials and Literature
Department of Social and Cultural Analysis

Shannon Blow
Influence or Deterrence: A Critical Analysis of the History and Current State of Music Videos in the US

Communication Studies Division poster pdf

Lindsey K. Dodd
Latin American Borderlands: Exploring the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro
Department of Modern Languages poster pdf

Blanca Jahaziel Hiriart Lozoya
Women Leadership and Political Power in Latin America with a Focus on Argentina

Department of Government poster pdf

Vivian Kempt
Improving Closing Task Completion in a Nation-Wide Drugstore Chain
Department of Psychology poster pdf

Luke Landtroop
“What is This Life?”: Responses to Contingency in Chaucer’s Pagan Romances

Department of English poster pdf

Cameron Mebane
The Best Reporter in America

Global Media & Contemporary Culture Division poster pdf

Terra M. Oden
Rural Poverty: Homelessness

School of Social Work poster pdf

Jacqulyn Subar
You Be the Judge: An In-depth Look into the Nacogdoches County Courthouse
Department of History poster pdf

Best Freshman: Rebecca Blubaugh
Run Like a Kenyan: How to Be An Elite Athlete the Kenyan Way
Department of English poster pdf


College of Sciences and Mathematics


University Scholar: Katie Mitchell and Sherri Dornak
Delineating Karst Springs within the Colorado River Using Geochemical Variability, Colorado Bend State Park, Central Texas
Department of Geology

Sherri Dornak and Katie Mitchell
Conduit Geometry of Karst Springs Examined by Heat-Transport Modeling and Thermal Patterns, Colorado Bend State Park, Texas
Department of Geology

Mireya Martinez
Spectroscopic (IR, NMR, UV-Vis), Theoretical Study and Optical Properties of 9,10-dihydrobenzo(a)pyrene-7(8H)-one and 7, 8, 9, 10-tetrahydrobenzo(a)pyrene

Department of Chemistry poster pdf

Ryan Melton
Axiomatic Foundations of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics poster pdf

Amanda H. Nolan
Analysis of Critical Amino Acid Residues in UNC-45 Necessary for its Interaction with Myosin

Department of Chemistry poster pdf

Joshua P. Perry
Using DSC Analysis to Construct a Binary Phase Diagram

Department of Chemistry

Elton I. Polvadore
Generation and Cloning of Full-Length Human EVC Gene from its Fragments

Department of Chemistry poster pdf

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