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2017 SFASU Undergraduate Research Conference Top Scholars and Finalists

2017 Undergraduate Research Conference
Top Scholars and Finalists



Top Scholar:


Rebecca Miller
The Impact of Demographics on Aggravated Assault in Texas Cities


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Phelps (Department of Economics and Finance)



1. Lane Millsap
Management, Warren Buffett, and Optimal Firm Performance


Faculty Sponsor: Carol Wright (Department of Business Communication and Legal Studies)


2. Sandi S. Whiteman, Ruth Gonzalez, Marybel I. Morones, and Casey L. Skrabanek
General Electric Company: Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Faculty Sponsor: Carol Wright (Department of Business Communication and Legal Studies)



Top Scholar:


Remy Follmar, Jennifer Gregory, and Veronica Gilliams
Design for Dementia


Faculty Sponsor: Mitzi R. Perritt (School of Human Sciences)



1. Suzanne Choate
Perceptions of Current Tipping Customs and Feasibility of a No-Tip Policy in a Micropolitan Area of Texas


Faculty Sponsors: Mary Olle, Todd Barrios and Gina Fe Causin (School of Human Sciences)


2. Benjamin Dickey
Exploring the Perceptions of Male Teachers in the Elementary Grades


Faculty Sponsors: Deborah Williams, Adam Akerson, and Lauren Burrow (Department of Elementary Education)


3. Lanessia Mack
Family: Do They Determine a Student’s Success?”


Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Jumper (School of Human Sciences)


4. Michaella A Petrosky
Effects of Caffeine on Optimism and High-Beta Brain Activity in Caffeine Users: A Pilot Study


Faculty Sponsor: Luis. E. Aguerrevere (School of Human Services)


5. Rebecca Prince, Lexi Perimon, and Alexis Malquist
Perception of Moderation in Dietary Behaviors


Faculty Sponsor:Sarah Drake (School of Human Sciences)


6. Sara Ross
Food Traditions of the Three Abrahamic Religions


Faculty Sponsor: Justin Pelham (School of Human Sciences)


7. Kiera Smith
"Don't Count Me Out!" Recognizing Factors that Enhance Student Retention


Faculty Sponsor: Yuleinys A. Castillo (Department of Human Services)


8. Marissa Villamagna
Study Abroad: A Teacher Candidate’s Culture Learning Experience



Faculty Sponsor: Tingting Xu (Department of Elementary Education)


Top Scholar:


Keaton Garrett, Matthew Castner, Laurette Roddin, and Scott Augustine
Orphic Quartet Commission


Faculty Sponsor: Nathan Nabb (School of Music)



1. Devin Bruton, Skyler Moore, Bruce Moran, and Kathryn Morton
Sound Design and Engineering of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


Faculty Sponsor: CC Conn (School of Theatre)


2. Hannah Colletti
Bad Curation: Exhibiting “Degenerate Art”


Faculty Sponsor: David Lewis (School of Art)


3. Sarah Jentsch
Mourning a Menagerie of Martyrs


Faculty Sponsor: Candace Hicks (School of Art))


4. Taylor Johnston
Breathing Exercises for Every Musician


Faculty Sponsor: Christina Guenther (School of Music)


5. Shelby Locklin
From Virtual to Reality
Best Freshman Paper Award


Faculty Sponsor: Jeffie Brewer (School of Art)


6. Marie Phillips
An In-Depth Look at the Original Production of Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard of Bingen


Faculty Sponsor: Richard Jones (School of Theatre)


7. Roger Ramirez
The Impact of Edgard Varese’s Ionisation on the Percussion Ensemble


Faculty Sponsor: Brad Meyer (School of Music)


8. Emily Williams
Classical Forms in Modern Popular Music


Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Dalmas (School of Music)



Top Scholar:


Brianna Clark, Shannon Brown, Rene Barelas, Emily Lozano, and Kayli Baxter
Testing E.coli Bacteria in La Nana Bayous


Faculty Sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez (Environmental Science)



1. Kelli Bashaw
Influence of Chinese tallow infestation on winter bird community along Lanana Creek Basin


Faculty Sponsor: Christopher Comer (Forestry)


2. Courtney Biles
Creating Community Agriculture Awareness through an Advocacy Service Learning Project


Faculty Sponsor: Erin Brown (Agriculture)


3. Margaret Campbell and Cheyenne Connors
Copper and Zinc Accumulation in Soils and Vegetation Adjacent to Parking Lots


Faculty Sponsor: Kenneth Farrish (Environmental Science)


4. Chandler Fong and Kai Busch-Petersen
Building Height Using the UAS DJI Phantom 3 and Drone2Map Software


Faculty Sponsors: David Kulhavy, I-Kuai Hung, and Dan Unger (Forestry)


5. Joseph Gerland, Will Titone, Ariana Clark, and Brad Michael
Using Freshwater Mussels as an Indicator for River Water Quality


Faculty Sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez (Environmental Science)


6. William Kruckeberg and Taylor Barton
Using Agro-Forestry to Offset Timber Investment: Is It Feasible?


Faculty Sponsor: Brian Oswald (Forestry)


7. Lana Welford, Jessica Pruneda, and Scheaffer Shockley
Understanding Park Communications with Visitors in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks


Faculty Sponsors: Pat Stephens Williams (Forestry) and Ray Darville (Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology)



Top Scholar:


Casie Weihe
Unregulated: An Overview of (the Lack of Oversight in) Texas Homeschooling


Faculty Sponsor: Joyce Johnston (Division of Multidisciplinary Programs)



1. Chelsea Campbell
The Effects of Gender and Mood on Mental Illness Stigmay


Faculty Sponsors: Lauren Brewer, Steven Estrada and Kyle Conlon (Department of Psychology)


2. Hannah Colletti
The Monastic Plan: Meeting Medieval Needs


Faculty Sponsor: Perky Beisel (Department of History)


3. Robert J. Hurt
#brfloodsfa: How Advocacy and ICT Can Provide for Disaster-Affected Communities


Faculty Sponsor: James Morris (School of Social Work)


4. Kris Nichols
The Heuristic Function of Mauvaise Foi: A Cognitive Dissonance


Faculty Sponsor: Perry Moon (Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication)


5. Justin Oakley
From the Cabildo to the Creole Cottage


Faculty Sponsor: Perky Beisel (Department of History)


6. Victoria Oberdick
Emotion Regulation and Its Effect on Perceived Stress Levels


Faculty Sponsor: Lauren Brewer (Department of Psychology)


7. Olivia J. Rivera
Reactions on Current Societal Sexism and Sexual Objectification of Men and Women


Faculty Sponsor: Karol Chandler-Ezell (Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology)


8. Hannah Tumlinson
Everyday Magic: A Linguistic Analysis of Sarah Addison Allen’s “Just So You Know”


Faculty Sponsor: Jessie Sams (Department of English and Creative Writing)



Top Scholar:


Katie McCann
Morphological variation among reproductive tactics in the Comanche Springs pupfish, Cyprinodon elegans


Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Gumm (Department of Biology)



1. Nicholas Cheatwood, Ann Davis, Elizabeth Schabeck, and Kelsi Hooker
A Comparison of Antimicrobial Properties of the Mirror Image Molecules of Benzofuranyl Ethanol


Faculty Sponsor: Michele R. Harris (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


2. Christopher Franclemont
Analysis of Metal and Anion Content in Wastewater and Biosolids from the Nacogdoches and Lufkin Wastewater Treatment Plants


Faculty Sponsor: Kefa K. Onchoke (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


3. Macie N. Mattila
The Addition of Arachidin 1 or Arachidin 3 to Human Rotavirus-Infected Cells Inhibits Viral Replication and Alters the Apoptotic Cell Death Pathway


Faculty Sponsors: Rebecca D. Parr (Department of Biology)


4. Matthew McClinton
Photo-Oxidative Degradation of Persistent Organic Wastewater Pollutants With the Use of Water-Soluble Cationic Porphyrins


Faculty Sponsor: Matibur Zamadar (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


5. Ryan Pingenot
The Bees of A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport, Nacogdoches, Texas


Faculty Sponsor: Daniel J. Bennett (Department of Biology)


6. Essence B. Strange
It’s a Matter of Life and Death: Deregulation of Cell Death Pathways with Two Small Molecules in Rotavirus Infected Cells


Faculty Sponsor: Rebecca D. Parr (Department of Biology)


7. Carmel Tovar and John Mullins
Observations and Practical Tips on Metal Affinity Chromatography and Protein Refolding Techniques


Faculty Sponsor: Odutayo Odunuga (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Top Scholar:


Uche Nwasuruba
The Fear of Pain and Embarrassment in Relation to Dental Anxiety


Faculty Sponsor: David Funk (Tyler Junior College: Art and Honors)



1. Emily Dunnahoe
Removable Discontinuity: CRIPSR/Cas Systems and Bioethicst


Faculty Sponsor: Betsy Ott (Tyler Junior College: Biology)


2. Katelyn Gorby
Health Benefits of Minimalism


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Tyler Junior College: Sociology)


3. Kalyn Johnson
Poliomyelitis: History of the Methods of Eradication


Faculty Sponsor: Betsy Ott (Tyler Junior College: Biology)


4. Eric Marek
The Effects of Science Literacy on the Perception of Climate Change


Faculty Sponsor: Tom Hooten (Tyler Junior College: Physics)


5. Hannah Perry
Abstract-Glaze Testing: Methods and Results


Faculty Sponsor: David Funk (Tyler Junior College: Art)


6. Lucas Sartain
Health of Dollar Menu Food: Cost versus Benefits Analysis


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Tyler Junior College: Sociology)

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