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2019 SFA Undergraduate Research Conference Top Scholars and Finalists

2019 Undergraduate Research Conference
Top Scholars and Finalists



Top Scholar:


Kia Fisker
European Labor Market Policies and Unemployment Rates


Faculty Sponsor: Stephen Kosovich (Department of Economics and Finance)




1. John Bledsoe, Braxton Berthot, Ashley Spitzmiller, Joshua Hunter McClellan
A Valuation of Trecora Resources


Faculty Sponsor: Samuel Kyle Jones (Department of Economics and Finance)


2. Kelsey M. Bowers
Management and Marketing Department Student Worker: Observational Research Study and Job Analysis


Faculty Sponsor: Pamela Rogers (Department of Management and Marketing)


3. Francia Y. Olivares Briseno
Performance of Hispanic-Owned Businesses in Nacogdoches, Texas


Faculty Sponsor: Joe Ballenger (Department of Management and Marketing)


4. Seraiah Scamardo
The Influence of Political Ideology and Mass Shootings on Firearm Acquisition in the United States


Faculty Sponsor: Rebecca Davis and Stephen Kosovich (Department of Economics and Finance)


5. Miguel Silva
An Investigation into the Factors Driving Oscar Nominations


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Phelps (Department of Economics and Finance)


6. Josephine Unger
A Macroeconomic Approach for Modeling Road Traffic Fatality Rates


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Phelps (Department of Economics and Finance)


7. Jannah Wright
SFA Student Involvement in Religion and Spirituality


Faculty Sponsor: Joe Ballenger (Department of Management and Marketing



Top Scholar:


James Hutson, Casey Pederson, and Courtney Elliot
Impact of Heart Rate Intensity on Shooting Accuracy during Games in NCAA Division I Women Basketball Players


Faculty Sponsor: Dustin Joubert (Kinesiology and Health Science)



1. Heather Adams
Food Insecurity Awareness, Acknowledgment, and Actions on a University Campus


Faculty Sponsor: Mary Olle (School of Human Sciences)


2. Traci Dorsett
An Investigation of “Voices from the Field” Regarding Elementary Teachers


Faculty Sponsors: Deborah Williams and Tingting Xu (Department of Elementary Education)


3. Courtney D. Elliot, Casey L. Pederson and James R. Hutson
Comparison of Heart Rate Intensity in Practice, Conditioning, and Games in NCAA Division I Women Basketball Players


Faculty Sponsor: Dustin Joubert (Department of Kinesiology and Health Science)


4. Lauren Hutto
Dolls, Dinosaurs, and Design


Faculty Sponsor: Mitzi Perritt (School of Human Sciences)


5. Rudi Johnson
The Capacity of Eye-Tracking Technology to Determine Non-Diagnosed ADHD in Females


Faculty Sponsor: Luis Aguerrevere (Department of Human Services)


6. Casey Pederson, Courtney Elliot, and James Hutson
he Relationship between Objective and Subjective Markers of Training Stress in NCAA Division I Women Basketball Players


Faculty Sponsor: Dustin Joubert (Department of Kinesiology and Health Science)


7. Marilyn Toc
Servicios de Salud: Exploring Human Services Utilization among Latin Immigrants


Faculty Sponsor: DYuleinys Castillo (Department of Human Services)


Top Scholar:


Michael Dean, Travis Wattigney, Wyatt Gay, and Logan Starks
Interactive Media: Making Music Creation Accessible to the Public


Faculty Sponsor: James Adams (School of Music)



1. Madeline Castillo
5x5: Conceptual and Technical Challenge


Faculty Sponsor: Lauren Selden (School of Art)


2. Austin Cullen
The Artist Residency and Lumen Printing Process


Faculty Sponsor: Wesley Berg (School of Art)


3. Jesse Edwards
(Biedermann and) the Firebugs: Composing Contemporary Music for Live Theatre


Faculty Sponsor: Rick Jones (School of Theatre)


4. Sophia Lee
Nuevo Ritmo: A Multifaceted Electroacoustic Collaboration for Solo Cajon and Electronics


Faculty Sponsor: Brad Meyer (School of Music)


5. Mia Lindemann
Lighting Design and Pre-Visualization Software


Faculty Sponsor: CC Conn (School of Theatre)


6. Aubrey Moore
Auditioning at the Southeastern Theatre Conference as an Undergraduate Student


Faculty Sponsor: B. Slade Billew (School of Theatre)


7. Jordan Weaver
Caddo Inspired Coil Pots


Faculty Sponsor: Maggie Leysath (School of Art)


Top Scholar:


Carly Wright
Fertilizer Type and Rate Influence on Erysimum Growth and Development


Faculty Sponsor: Michael Maurer (Agriculture)



1. Garret Ashabranner and Ian Brock
A Comparative Analysis of a Built-up Composting Poultry Litter System Compared to a Conventional Poultry Litter System and Their Effects on the Performance of Broiler Chickens


Faculty Sponsor: Joey Bray (Agriculture)


2. Crystal Alexander, Connor S. Adams, Kathryn R. Kidd, and Christopher Schalk
Silvicultural Systems in Southern Bottomland Hardwoods: A Review of Avifauna Community Response to Forestry Management Practices


Faculty Sponsor: Kathryn R. Kidd (Forestry)


3. Jack DiFrank, Ashley Broadhurst, Deanna Alpert, Leenell Colon, and Tyler Kysiak
Examining the Impacts of Lead Regulations on the Levels Found in Soil Along Local Highways in Nacogdoches


Faculty Sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez (Environmental Science)


4. Emily Ivester, Hollyn Grizzaffi, Nicklaus Langlois, and Augusto Conde De Frankenberg
Using Macroinvertebrates to Test the Water Quality of Lake Nacogdoches


Faculty Sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez (Environmental Science)


5. Emily Ruth Lozano
LaNana Creek Historical Trial: Blazing a Path Through the Oldest Town in Texas


Faculty Sponsors: avid Kulhavy, I-Kuai Hung, and Dan Unger (Forestry)


6. Nina M. McCallum and Nicky A. Vermeersch
Concentrations of Copper, Zinc, and Escherichia coli Bacteria in East Texas Ponds as Affected by Source of Stormwater Runoff


Faculty Sponsor: Kenneth Farrish (Environmental Science)


7. Reid Viegut and Schaeffer Shockley
Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to Quantify Mistletoe in Urban Environments


Faculty Sponsor: David Kulhavy (Forestry)



Top Scholar:


Aaron Kelley
The Path to Hegemony: A Model of the Emerging Hegemon


Faculty Sponsor: Julie Harrelson-Stephens (Department of Government)



1. Emily Crider
“Happiest Delineation:” Literature, Reading Habits, and Characterization in Austen’s Northanger Abbey


Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Tasker Davis (Department of English and Creative Writing)


2. ABryan Jew
Rap Music Videos and Media (Mis)Representational Politics


Faculty Sponsors: Sudeshna Roy (Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication)


3. Taryn Lenert
“Pretty is as Pretty Does:” Child Beauty Pageants in Deep East Texas


Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Dentice (Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology)


4. Ashley McMilon
Verbatim and Gist Extraction among University Colleges


Faculty Sponsor: Steven Estrada (Department of Psychology)


5. Dylan Possoit
Poetic Realism in Drive and Port of Shadows


Faculty Sponsor: Joyce Johnston (Division of Multidisciplinary Studies)


6. Reyna Sanchez
Homelessness among Youth


Faculty Sponsor: Kristin C. Bailey-Wallace (School of Social Work)


7. Sarah Shade
Series of Identities: Bob Dylan in the 1980s


Faculty Sponsor: Court Carney (Department of History)



Top Scholar:


Hailey Jarzynka and Holly Jarzynka
Biotransformation Reactions of Pro-chiral Ketones and Studying Antimicrobial Properties of Biotransformation Products


Faculty Sponsor: Michele R. Harris (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)



1. Sarah Browning
Extraction and Quantification of Hydrolyzable Tannins in Acorns from Different Species of Oak Trees (Quercus sp.)


Faculty Sponsors: Russell Franks (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


2. Patrick J. Ellis
Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies of Benz[a]anthracene, and Dibenz[a,h]anthracene


Faculty Sponsor: Kefa K. Onchoke (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


3. Joshua Harris
Surfaces of Revolution in Virtual Reality


Faculty Sponsors: Jeremy Becnel (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)


4. Luke Rens
Molecular Geometry Calculation


Faculty Sponsor: Christopher Ivancic (Department of Computer Science)


5. Roberto Silva
Designing a Simple Catalytic System for C-H Bond Oxidation


Faculty Sponsor: J. Brannon Gary (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


6. Hannah Trauger and Madilynn Dewell
Synthesis & Characterization of Biodiesel Fuels Made from Hickory Kernel Oil


Faculty Sponsor: Russell Franks (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


7. Bayler Barnes, Trace Washburn, and Jackson T. Ortiz (Best Freshman Paper)
Longitudinal Study of Lanana Creek


Faculty Sponsor: Alyx S. Frantzen (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Top Scholar:


Hannah Horton
The Consideration of Students’ Ideas to Improve Online Courses in Higher Education


Faculty Sponsor: Erika Powell (Learning Framework-Tyler Junior College)



1. Lacy Cook
Comparing Determination between Men and Women in Mathematics


Faculty Sponsor: Chris Chappa (Mathematics-Tyler Junior College)


2. Justin Crowe
Misperceptions of Chemicals & Their Names


Faculty Sponsor: Rodney Whetzel (Chemistry-Tyler Junior College)


3. Alyssa Henderson
Exploration into Associations of ADHD Medication to Academic and Behavioral Performance in Comparison to the Adverse Side Effects


Faculty Sponsor: Larry Pilgrim (Biology-Tyler Junior College)


4. Chiagozie Nwasuruba
Historical Content Analysis of Gender Portrayal of Superheroes in Marvel Comics


Faculty Sponsor:Clint Selman (Psychology-Tyler Junior College)


5. Jose Perez
Representation of Minorities in College Advertisements Compared to Actual College Populations


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Sociology-Tyler Junior College)


6. Kassandra Soledad
Exploratory Research into the Effects of Authoritative Parenting and Children’s Emotional and Academic Behavior


Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Button (Behavior Sciences - Tyler Junior College)

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