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How to Apply to the School Psychology Doctoral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply

This checklist is for your use only and is not required by the department as part of your application.

PART I: Apply to SFA Graduate Studies by completing the following:

Part II: Apply to the School Psychology Program by completing the following:

Respond to each of the following questions:

  1. Write a brief narrative (1-2 pages) describing your educational experience and any awards or honors you have received, including any publications or papers presented. Include a description of any psychological research you have conducted or participated in, including the number of hours per week and the name of your research supervisor.
  2. There are many career paths in psychology and in education. Why have you chosen to pursue a career in school psychology? There are many school psychology programs across the nation. What specifically attracts you to the SFASU school psychology program?
  3. The mission of our program is to prepare school psychologists who will be change agents in schools. Given your knowledge and range of experiences, if you could change one thing in the schools, what would that be? Why? How do you think you might go about creating this change?

Please respond to at least ONE of the following questions: (you may choose to respond to more than one question):

All items listed in Part II are to be mailed to:
Crystal L. Evans
Program Administrative Assistant
Department of Human Services
Box 13019 SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962