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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Calendar

How will we develop a strategy and step-by-step research plan for preparing the QEP?


Step 1: Initial Planning – Spring/Summer 2009
  • Constitute a QEP Steering Committee with broad representation
  • Solicit one-page proposals for topics related to SFA’s Strategic Plan
  • Research and review QEP topics developed by other institutions
  • Develop a campus wide process for eliciting reaction to identified topics and potential ideas for other topics (website/public forums, etc.)
  • Increase visibility and awareness of the QEP
  • Analyze current information to identify areas of significant potential for improvement of student learning
  • Solicit university community feedback to identify viable candidate topics

Step 2: QEP Topic Selection – Fall 2009
  • Engage selected SFA faculty to develop background research on topic area and its potential for improving student learning.
  • Create a focus group (identified by the QEP Steering Committee) to evaluate the research reports and provide recommendation
  • QEP Steering Committee selects top 3 topics no later than November 30, 2009
  • QEP Steering Committee selects topic no later than December 15, 2009

Step 3: QEP Development – Spring/Summer 2010
  • Identify the Chair for the Development of the QEP
  • Identify members of the QEP Development Team
  • Determine an appropriate time frame for implementation of the plan (e.g., 3-5 years)
  • Develop a process to identify potential implementation actions associated with the topic
  • Determine persons responsible, expected outcomes, and potential cost
  • Evaluate potential actions and select a set of actions that support the topic, provide the appropriate focus, and are resource feasible
  • Identify alternate actions that may substitute depending on resource availability
  • Identify clear measures for improvement in student learning
  • Develop a comprehensive assessment plan to assess improvement in student learning
  • Create a multi-year budget to support the QEP including both administrative support as well as direct support of implementation actions
  • Develop a management structure for implementation of the QEP that will ensure effective administration of the QEP, monitoring of progress, and reporting
  • Provide frequent contacts with the university community to ensure its awareness of the QEP and its importance

Step 4: QEP Pre-Implementation – Fall 2010
  • Identify potential QEP implementation leadership
  • Implement data collection system
  • Develop budget requests for implementation year (2011-2012)
  • Provide leader release time
  • Identify administrative support staff
  • Plan implementation activities
  • Develop ongoing QEP communications with university community (website/flyers/announcements/posters/pens/etc. – important to remain visible

Step 5: QEP Implementation – Fall 2010/Spring 2011
When it is clear that the proposed QEP is acceptable, implementation should proceed immediately. The following initial implementation actions should be taken:
  • Activate the implementation management structure
    • QEP Advisory Council
    • QEP Executive Director
    • Hire appropriate personnel
  • Implement activities as outlined in QEP
  • Develop financial plan

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