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E-mail Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The e-mail icon in mySFA does not point to my Exchange mail. Why?

A: There is an icon in mySFA titled Email. This has been configured to point to your old account on SFAADM or TITAN if you had an account prior to May 2013. The e-mail link in mySFA still works for students. If you need to be able to email your class in mySFA please email and include your full name and your email address and we can assist you.

Q: How can I access my email when not at my desk computer?

A: Outlook Web access is a service that lets you access email form anywhere you have internet access and a web browser. The link is

Q: What is my Exchange e-mail password?

A: Your Exchange email password is the same password you use to login to mySFA and in most cases your desktop computer in your office. To get help with this password you can use the myPassword system to reset your password. This will only work if you set questions and answers on your account. or you can call the help desk at 468-1212 for assistance.

E-mail Passwords

SFA uses Exchange for Faculty/Staff e-mail. Exchange uses the Active Directory username and password (the password used to log into the SFA domain and mySFA).

To change or reset your Exchange password, you must change your Active Directory password, which is also used to log into mySFA, SFA computers, and other SFA systems. Login to your myPassword profile to change or reset your Active Directory password.

If faculty/staff forget their mySFA password and have not set up a myPassword profile, they must contact the Help Desk at (936) 468-1212 to have their password reset.

Student email accounts use Office 365 services for email.

If students forget their mySFA password and have not set up a myPassword profile, they must contact the Office of the Registrar at (936) 468-2501.

Setting up Exchange on Mobile Devices

Setting up Exchange on mobile devices is straight-forward and simple for compatible devices.

The needed settings are:

Server: https:\\
Domain: sfasu.nac
Username: {active directory username} Used to login to mySFA
Password: {active directory password} Used to login to mySFA

Mobile Devices Exchange Set Up Guides

Configuring Exchange on iPhone

File size: 1626.27 KB

Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Configuring Exchange on Android 4.0

File size: 1682.61 KB

Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adding Exchange to Outlook at Home

To set up your SFA Exchange email to Outlook on a home\personal computer, please follow the instructions below. Please note that to set up Outlook on campus, you will need to contact the Help Desk at (936) 468-1212.

Adding an SFA Exchange account to Outlook on home or wireless network.

Setting up POP3/IMAP on Mobile Devices

For all students, or faculty and staff not yet moved to Exchange, this page provides information on the configuration of mobile phones to check e-mail on the SFA POP3/IMAP servers. Please read ALL of the information below before configuring your phone to check your e-mail.

SFA does not offer support for any personal devices used to retrieve e-mail from the SFA POP3/IMAP server. The user assumes all responsibility for any damage to said device, as well as any data loss that may occur from the mis-configuration of any e-mail retrieving software. The following support information is provided as-is. Because of the number of different phones and e-mail clients available to consumers, it is impossible for SFA to provide detailed information about configuration of individual devices. Additionally, because mobile phones connect to the internet via different networks, settings to use on one carrier or ISP may not work on other networks.

SFA uses the POP3/IMAP protocol for retrieving e-mail from the SFA servers. If any device is set to remove e-mail from the server this could result in other devices not receiving the e-mail. Additionally, faculty and staff must change their e-mail password at least every 90 days. When this password is reset on the server, ALL devices must be updated to use this new password to retrieve e-mail. If just one device is not updated with the new password, this could result in the account being locked.

The following "Best Practices" can reduce the above mentioned risks:

Information about locked e-mail accounts :

Instructions for configuring Smart Phones to access SFA e-mail:

General Instructions for setting up any phone to download SFASU e-mail

Windows Mobile 6 (Blackjack II screen captures) specific instructions

Setting Out-of-Office Message in Outlook

An out-of-office message can be set in Outlook, if you are on the Exchange e-mail server. Click the link below for instructions.

Setting out-of-office messages in Outlook or web app