Stephen F. Austin State University


Wireless Networks at SFA

SFA has two wireless access options (SSID's): SFA-WIRELESS and SFA-LAWN. Both connect to the same network and provide the same performance; however, SFA-LAWN is more secure. SFA-WIRELESS is still encrypted and secure, but provides a lower level of protection. SFA-WIRELESS can be accessed by devices that cannot be configured to connect to SFA-LAWN. Connecting to the wireless is a two-step process:

1. Connect to the access point.

a. SFA-WIRELESS does not require a username. The password is "golumberjacks" (all one word, no quotes) .

b. SFA-LAWN requires your mySFA username and password. Once connected to the access point, you must register with Bradford Campus Manager.

2. Register with Bradford Campus Manager by opening a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc). You should be redirected to the Bradford Campus Manager. Follow the instructions to complete registration.

Help Guides for Wireless Connections

SFA-Wireless for Window 8

SFA-Wireless for Windows 7

SFA-Wireless for Windows Vista

SFA-Wireless for Windows XP

SFA-Wireless for Mac

Guest Wireless Accounts

Guests at SFA can receive a temporary username and password from the campus department or organization that is sponsoring their activity on campus. Please contact your sponsoring organization for your username and password. If the sponsoring organization needs assistance with this process, they can call the Help Desk at (936) 468-1212 for assistance.