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IT Security Forms

DNS Request

IT members should use this form to request additions, deletions, and modifications to DNS entries.

Incident Report

Incident response teams should follow the Incident Response Plan and continue to report information to their Chain of Command / Security Specialist (as collected).

Firewall Request

Use this form to request modifications to the Stephen F. Austin State University campus firewall rules. This form must also be submitted to provide access from external sources to machines within the university's network.

VPN Request

Use this form to request VPN access to SFA's information resources. This form must be submitted to authorize non-SFA employees to remote into the university's network.

Security Awareness Training

Beginning immediately, the new security awareness training package is available across campus. Employees required to take the training will be notified through the myTraining system. Some employees are automatically required based on their access to information and role within the university detailed in the attached guidelines documentation. For employees not automatically required to take the training, it is the director's or department head's responsibility to determine if the employee has access to confidential or sensitive information and therefore should participate in the training. ITS developed a mechanism for the directors and department heads to mark other employees as needing the training as well as a proxy function so this process can be delegated. Note, the update will occur in an nightly upload to myTraining meaning employees will have next day access to the training.

Security Awareness Training Guidelines

Employee Security Awareness Training

Student Security Awareness Training

For questions, please contact the IT Security office.

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