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About IT Security

Mission & Vision

The role of IT Security at Stephen F. Austin State University is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of University data, information, communications, and services. To promote secure information technology systems, IT Security role also includes educating users, assess and identify new architectural requirements, and consult in the areas of security risk, practice, policy, and technology. IT Security provides the coordination of security incident investigation and response.

SFASU works in cooperation with other State agencies and Higher Education Institutions to secure your information.

IT Security aims to deliver all of the following services in the most meaningful, understandable, attainable, affordable, controllable, and measurable ways possible. Your constructive feedback regarding our success or failure in meeting these performance objectives is always welcome.

Network Access Management

Firewall Service

The firewall service addresses all phases of a firewall security solution, including architectural validation, implementation, operations, and ongoing configuration management. The service provides secure authorization and access control with due consideration to impact on network performance. The IT network and security analysts will provide consultation to aid in establishing the access controls required to protect data assets.


Your Responsibilities


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

The VPN service option is a fully managed, end-to-end IP-based service enabling customers to securely connect to various SFASU network resources through an encrypted connection. VPN service is a fully managed solution for customers interested in utilizing standards based encryption technology as the foundation for secure, high performance data communications.

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Campus Manager

Bradford Networks Campus Manager allows us to guard against viruses and spyware on student machines located in the residence halls. It enforces security policies and isolates non-compliant devices. It forces student’s in the residence halls obtain an up-to-date antivirus software and definitions and quarantine “at-risk” devices. In addition it forces student and device authentication and registration. It is also useful in locating rogue DHCP devices and disable them.

There are plans to roll Campus Manager to the wireless network.

Threat Management

Our team is responsible for maintaining and developing IT Security-related policies and procedures on campus. IT Security also measures compliance with existing policies through the annual risk assessment process. SFASU has been granted access to TAMU ISAAC tool

Your Responsibilities

Security Awareness Training and Consulting Service

IT Security awareness program includes basic security training and workshops, Cyber Security Newsletter, and many other awareness and compliance programs. We will offer group, department, or individual on-demand training options.  Training classes will be offered through Professional Development and Technology resources.

Implementation and Support

Computer Security Incident Management and Response

IT Security performs incident management activities with the approval of University executive management and maintains a high level of expertise including incident handling certifications. We provide experienced leadership and counsel to individuals and departments faced with a security breach or an unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. The services include:


Implementation and Support


Your Responsibilities

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