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Mark D. Faries;
Wes Kephart
Approach, avoidance and body weight: an investigation of cerebral asymmetry.
Women, 18+ yrs
Mark D. Faries;
Liz Espie
Experience and meaning of weight loss, exercise & healthy eating: a qualitative analysis in physician-referred patients. Women, 18+ yrs

Sarah Savoy;
Mark D. Faries

Mechanisms of weight stigmatization: roles of self-awareness and message type.

Women, 18+ yrs

Eric J. Jones Learned effect of the Wingate anaerobic test.
Men/Women, 18+
no prior Wingate
Eric J. Jones Acute air exposure and effects on anaerobic performance.
Men, 18+ yrs
Mark D. Faries Validation of SenseWear armband in energy expenditure estimation during resistance exercise. Men & Women,
18+ yrs
Mark D. Faries Impact of approach and avoidance motivations on the golf swing. Recreational golfers 18+ yrs