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Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Fraternity

About Us

The Eta Mu Chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa is an Honors Fraternity for Health Science, Kinesiology, and Dance majors/minors.

The purpose for which the Corporation is formed are as follow:
a. To be organized and operated exclusively for education and charitable purposes as a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the interest of Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
b. To be operated in such manner that the Corporation be of continuing benefit and service to Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
c. To facilitate the exchange of information and experience gained in the various countries of the world concerning matters relating to the independent areas of Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance related areas including programs, methods, techniques, material, training, and research.
d. To promote sound community understanding leading to adequate support of these education programs.
e. To provide a medium through which the membership can contribute to the advancement of Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
f. To maintain records and collect statistics concerning members and to provide a central office.
g. To publish periodicals to be distributed to members and to the general public for the purpose of disseminating information about the Corporation, the members, Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
h. To make awards for outstanding work in promoting Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance related fields.
i. To foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternity and bonds of fellowship and mutual assistance among members and those interested in Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
j. To exhort the members to interpret the work and services in Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
k. To do all things and appropriate to foster the spread of knowledge about Health Education, Kinesiology, and Dance.
l. To have, hold, exercise, and enjoy in furtherance of the above purposes set forth herein above all of the rights, powers, privileges and immunities granted, and not expressly denied by laws of the start of Indiana governing Not-for-profit Corporation Act of 1971 and all acts amendatory thereof and supplementation thereto, or expedient in orders to accomplish the purposes set forth herein above, but subject to any limitations restrictions imposes by law or by these articles.

Upcoming Events
Interest Meeting- September 10th, 2018 at 5:00 pm
First Meeting- September 17th, 2018 at 5:00 pm
Both Meetings will be held in HPE room 224

Find Out More Information
Facebook- Phi Epsilon Kappa @SFA
Instagram- sfa_pek

PEK 2018-2019 Officers

President- Morgan McKnight

Vice President- Tara Greenfield

Secretary- Candace Goady

Treasurer- Savannah Brown

Historian/ Public Relations- Shamia Gipson

Advisor- Dr. Cegelka

PEK Constitution


PEK Membership Application