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Academic Advising

Welcome to the LAA Advising Office

The Office of the Dean of Liberal & Applied Arts and individual academic departments oversee the curricular programs of students who pursue any of the courses of study offered within the College. Most students work with faculty advisors in the academic departments to develop specific degree plans, while those working toward degrees in Applied Arts & Sciences, Liberal Studies, or other interdisciplinary programs are assigned an advisor by the Dean.

Students who have declared a major in the College and have earned fewer than 45 semester credit hours should contact the Academic & Career Advising Office.

Our office is located in the Ferguson building, Room 291. Phone: 936-468-2205.

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Tentative Two Year Course Schedules

These schedules are to be used for the purpose of planning and advising, but course offerings are subject to change. Students and advisors should verify these course offerings with the current on-line schedule of classes.




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